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Ingenious Drones develops industry-standards custom solutions to effectively address the business needs of their customers. We deliver the highest digital quality of aerial data: to provide our clients / customers footage for various solutions.

Ingenious Drones

Aerial Mapping for Solar Panel Inspection and Installation | Aerial Footage & Photography

Aerial Mapping for Solar Panel Inspection and Installation

Our world’s operations are highly dependent on energy resources. The solar industry is growing at a faster pace. Regular inspection is very important to minimize power loss and to maintain performance because solar panels are subject to manufacturing defects and damages.

Solar panels typically require very large installations, so it is challenging to inspect the whole area via ground-based techniques. A well-equipped drone with a thermal camera can inspect a solar panel with higher speed and accuracy.

Aerial inspection by drones captures in-depth defects which help to minimize maintenance cost and maximize the output of solar panels. Drones can be used for installing, maintaining, and inspecting a solar panel. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of drone surveying for your next installation.

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